Law Enforcement Services

RJK + Associates is a recognized national leader in Law Enforcement training programs from basic Law Enforcement Courses to Advanced Leadership Training. We have the knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver timely relevant training courses to all police personnel.

Our training features our original program “When Generation Why? Takes the Oath: Recruiting, managing, and retaining the new entitlement generation,” the nation’s leading program for training Law Enforcement personnel to deal with current public safety leadership and the arrival of the ME generation.

Sample Courses

  • Law Enforcement TrainingWhen Generation Why? Takes the Oath – National best seller!
    Recruiting, managing and retaining the new entitlement generation.
  • Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement
  • Green Zone Communication For Law Enforcement
    Reducing citizen verbal complaints.
  • Stress Management for Law Enforcement
    Place your own mask on before assisting others.
  • Grant Writing and Grant Management for Law Enforcement
  • Beyond Bloods and Crips
    Reducing wannabe gangs in your community.
  • When Everyone Gets a 2%
    Taking your law enforcement agency to performance driven thinking.

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RJK + Associates also provides original training programs for school resource offices.